"We're giving away priceless perspective and clarity regarding the human experience and selling t-shirts for fun to support the cause."


Figure It Out Apparel Co. is founded on a unique, yet ubiquitous combination of philosophical concepts.

We believe successful navigation and rational understanding of the human experience can be explained in just a few key words representing a couple top philosophical concepts. Carrying the awareness of the revisioned simplicity of life empowers us to find success by honoring this short list of concepts throughout our daily efforts.

Our company celebrates “eclecticism” - the construction of a system of thought through combining elements of the established systems of a previous age - since just as the best meals do not consist of one ingredient alone, we must always seek to combine the best aspects of all variables and thoughts in a manner that’s as joyful & tasteful for as many as possible.

Not many apparel brands have true value & influence that can change your life - but this one surely might. Once you become aware of this group of concepts, you will be shocked at their pervasiveness in how you manage your emotions and activities as an agent of humanity. (From now on, every time you hear someone say "figure it out," take a mental sip of your drink and think of us!)

As optimists, we think the world can change if we all individually live with progressive, ethical intentions. Check out our invaluable framework for philosophical success for free - right here!


Philosophical Formula for Ethical Social Success
Successfully navigate all moments of your life with understanding of these core functional concepts!


"Figure It Out" = Pragmatism (Intentional Problem-Solving)

Humans have accomplished incredible things - all because of our will to live and our ability to observe, predict, and take action. Existence is simply a repetition of perception & reaction, so pattern recognition is wisdom.

Joy is found in solutions.

Problem-solving is the journey.

If problem-solving is constant, then patience is essential, so stay persistent and continually remind yourself that...


"You’re Okay" = Stoicism (Strength Through Acceptance)

Experiencing existence in any representative or circumstantial manner is objectively incredible! An evolving, patient perspective of the nature of our circumstances is essential to progressive attitudes and behavior.


"Be Safe" = Utilitarianism (Protection of the Well-Being of All)

Since we perceivably have just one chance to exist, we all must be incredibly careful and respectful for our collective sake. Self-awareness and consideration for others is essential in crafting a world that maximizes happiness and well-being for all.


"Have Fun" = Epicureanism (Embracing of Sensory Abilities) 

Life is a rare occurrence and we must experience all that we safely can, with wonder in our eyes and passion in our hearts.


"Love" = Existentialism (Emboldened Authenticity of Thinking, Feeling, and Acting)

You could be null, but instead you are full. Choose love continually & reject the void of apathy. Creating collective joy is the most noble achievement.


Figure It Out    |    You're Okay    |    Be Safe    |    Have Fun    |    Love


Fundamentally, we find that existence is simply a pattern of perception & reaction. You can't control what you will perceive, but you can control how you react - that's simply the human experience. This pattern, perfected, is to perceive function and to react with joy. Co-existing patterns (aka us) require devotion to mutual respect (morality) to perfect joy and reliable rationality (logic) to perfect function.

Logic + Morality = Ethics

Proper, empathetic decision-making and conduct from all people is the only way to foster equitable, functioning futures for all our lives.

Your existential choice is : hype & help or hate & harm.

Make your pattern beautiful.

True personal enlightenment comes from a patient ownership of our spiritual equilibrium and reactions. Be continually self-aware and choose wisely!


Cheers to you for discovering your philosophical renaissance!

We bet you were operating similarly already, but having it broken down can provide a fresh perspective and powerfully enlightening clarity.

We think you’ve got what it takes to figure it out - just be resilient and do your best!

Time to "Mitigate the Madness & Minimize the Sadness!"

For tips from our founder on how to utilize the framework in your daily life, please refer to this blog post!

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