Even with support, life is never easy. We are implicated at birth to experience the wide gamut of human emotions. We will all feel joy and awe, and we will all struggle and suffer - but most importantly, we do not have to do it alone. Truthfully, we simply cannot. The contemporary world is one of inescapable coexistence - our collective functioning weighs on the dependence on each other’s effort and support. This is the primary driving concept behind this project - we cannot truthfully thrive as a collective unless we redefine the success metrics and function of being human.

Human life is about working together; building with one another. We must give immense credit to those before us & those beside us - it is only together that we actualize such fantastic achievements. We all have a moral obligation to foster collective progress while protecting the planet for future generations. Sustainability and equitable, progressive actions are the only way forward.

Your world is our world. If we want to live here, we have to earn it.

We cannot disregard our impact. Yet, the worst part about Earth continues to be us. How has our forced coexistence not yet led us to becoming truly collective, moral problem-solvers? What are the true values of humanity?

First, we all must accept our humility in that we know very little in the grand scheme and that our singular opinions are not the absolute reality. Our opinionated worldviews are only a fraction of the information we need to consider when making decisions. Although we’re naturally only aware of our own perceptions, we always need to consider the whole. Each and every decision and action we make daily affects the world for days to come, and since we all share just the one, we owe it to each other to not cause turbulent waves of negativity or disaster in the world. Each and every day we need to be positive influences in our respective communities. This global, concerted effort in being is the only way to create ethical progress for us all. We must truly be gracious with one another and always speak from a kind heart. The energy that you put forth into the universe is resounding and everyone either benefits or suffers, but primarily you. Imagine the electricity of the collectivity that could occur if the world embraced a more contemporary and cohesive set of natural ethical virtues.

A conceptualized set of natural virtues for humanity must be founded through an equitable and moral approach to the fundamentals of sociobiological function. From the globalist perspective, given all that which we can truly experience and perceive, isn’t the meaning of life, the mean of all life? Extracting individual meaning from our worlds is different than being perceptive to the collective average reality. If the unexamined life is not worth living, then the collective unexamined reality is simply a dystopian, philosophical failure.

Honest understanding of the “collective self” will enable us to understand all. Fundamentally, we cannot be us without you. The importance of the individual is paramount. Each and every single one of us is an important part of a beautiful, complex global system. We all rely on each other to provide services and goods to keep each other fed, safe, and happy. We are nothing without each other. It is imperative to do our best at our roles every day for the sake of others - as those others are doing the same for us. Hence, caring for others is inherently caring for ourselves. Existence is never singular.

There is no greater joy in life than one based in compassion & love for another soul. It is the basic duty of all people to hold gentle and patient conversations on finding our shared humanity. We all must learn to find joy in collectively supporting our neighbors, because paradoxically, what makes us unique is our relation to other people. The more robustly we try to identify who we are, the more we become embedded in all others.

Because we owe the entirety of the present to all those around and before us, it is then the duty of the present to honor the past and embolden the future through altruistically doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people with a firmly selfless mindset. Our empathetic strength is judged by the breadth of our extension of consideration. We care about ourselves, our families, and our social groups. But, just outside of our social groups, “everyone else” seems to get excluded from the average consideration. Only the ethical globalists can acknowledge the incredible importance of “everyone else” because they notice the self-evident overlapping of social circles. Our “inescapable coexistence” is the linking of all beings, systems, and efforts. We are basic ethical failures if we fail to acknowledge the importance of the equity and justice of “everyone else”. It is human to mix together and to learn to care for each other, we continually co-define rules of behavior because it is essential for our collective function.

We are not purely selfish creatures - it is not in our basic nature - and we simply cannot afford to act with impunity. The most successful self-interest is actually managed through social-interest. It’s painful to live somewhere that isn’t thriving. We are bothered by the chaotic patterns of basic failures of a struggling society. Trying our hardest to create “heaven on earth” is the only true way to get to any potential concept of “heaven” - should there be one. The most important realization every single being must make is that if we collectively succeed in this manner, then our end goal is achieved for our corporeal years regardless of whatever may happen after death.

Unfortunately, the fate of humanity is on the line and time is running out. We must stop all functions detrimental to the natural ecology of the earth. We must problem-solve our way out of the incredibly volatile point we’ve brought ourselves to. Efforts in the protection of nature and the progression of ethical human existence for all should be rewarded tenfold to that of efforts in globally unsubstantial or harmful business. Climate protection must be our collective number one priority. We must let scientists define the laws to protect all of our remaining unique biodiversity and ecology. Innovation through technology and repression of greed are the cornerstones of an ecologically survivable future.

Only humans have within them the power to dehumanize another and destroy the earth. There is no greater societal disservice than these selfish, careless, ecological transgressions. Misery is dystopian apathy.

As humans, we are all nothing much more than constantly shifting perspectives blessed with the continual task of perception and reaction in navigating life as social creatures existentially challenged to choose between actions that will either hype and help, or hate and harm. Trust evolves through non-zero-sum game theory with an intent focus on clear, honest communication. Meaning, we must truly believe and act as if we can all win, together. We must condemn selfish vanity as we are arrogant to believe ourselves to be a more important representation of will than anything or anyone else. If you cannot best people with a reliably rational mind or in a fair athletic bout, do not try prevailing over people at all and rather position yourself beside them. We must champion rhetoric and amiable discourse. True attentive dialogue is experienced in the counterpart minds of collaborative speakers. We all must excel to the best of our abilities in the areas of logic, morality, and empathy. If it is not truth, justice, science, or statistics, then it has no respectful place in our negotiations and politics. The time for ethically conscious function is now.

Humanitarian empathy is the adhesive that keeps a society together. We must use an empathetic logic to determine a functioning set of global, secular ethics. You are perfectly capable of living your life, doing what you will without ever being affected by the decisions another may make for their own life, granted their actions don’t directly affect another being, or property, in an immoral or illogical manner. If we all diligently operated with other-interest, respect, and patience, then anxiety - social pressure internalized - would be diminished for many. Due to the forced coexistence of life, ethical responsibility is inherent to basic function. We must simultaneously be forthright advocates for ourselves while continuously being an advocate for the best interest of others.

I am going to try my best for you since you are going to do your best for me. If you succeed, I succeed, we succeed.

We owe everything we see, experience, and have to one another. Although we must consider ourselves primarily, if we all actively have everyone’s back to the best of our ability, then we are never actually our only advocate as we could functionally claim that everyone else has our back too. This is collective individualism whereas society today is just a collection of individuals. Society cannot function without the contributions of the individual in a concerted manner. We are an incredible team, and should simply start acting like one. Be cordial, be kind, be helpful, be respectful, be honest. Don’t be somebody that anybody needs protection from. Morally and logically, we are to judge people on their empathetic critical thinking effort and the character of their chosen actions - nothing else. Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
- MLK Jr.


While the platonic form of an ethical human existence will always shift over time, it is important to collectively find some type of fundamental function for inspiring a greater amount of morally successful beings. Only with the right tools of basic function can we perform evidence-based evaluations of performance in order to begin to champion accountability and find true individual and collective success. While we always feel the need to label ourselves and pick sides, our greatest power is our ability to fluctuate between concepts and efforts in order to achieve a goal we could not before with restrictive, singular mindsets. Just as the best meals do not consist of one ingredient alone, we must always seek to combine the best aspects of all variables and thoughts in a manner that’s as joyful & tasteful for as many as possible. The following “formula” presented is an eclectic combination of the best aspects of some of the leading philosophical and rational, ethical concepts. 


Philosophical Formula for Ethical Social Success
Successfully navigate all moments of your life with understanding of these core functional concepts!


“Figure It Out” - Pragmatism (Intentional Problem-Solving)

Humans have accomplished incredible things - all because of our will to live and our ability to observe, predict, and take action.

Joy is found in solutions. Problem-solving is the journey. 

Only a pragmatic, evidential, empirical approach to our experiences as ethical and logical representations of will may lead us to truth and progress.

If problem-solving is constant, then patience is essential, so stay persistent and continually remind yourself that...


“You’re Okay” - Stoicism (Strength Through Acceptance)

Experiencing existence - to breathe, to think - in any representative manner is objectively incredible. An evolving, patient perspective of the nature of our circumstances is essential to progressive attitudes and behaviors.

“Happiness is found in accepting the moment as it presents itself, by not allowing oneself to be controlled by the desire for pleasure or by the fear of pain, by using one's mind to understand the world and to do one's part in nature's plan, and by working together and treating others fairly and justly.”


“Be Safe” - Utilitarianism (Protection of the Well-Being of All)

We may have just one chance to exist so we must be incredibly careful and respectful for everyone's collective sake.

Deep consideration of all the consequential effects of our actions when utilizing our free will is paramount in maximizing the well-being for all potentially affected individuals.

“The man who has anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive.”


“Have Fun” - Epicureanism (Embracing of Sensory Abilities)

We must experience all that we safely can, with wonder in our eyes and passion in our hearts!

Conceiving the greatest amount of pleasures of the mind possible during our lifetime while creating shared moments of clear physical joy is honorable for all representations of will.


“Love” - Existentialism (Emboldened Authenticity of Thinking, Feeling, and Acting)

To experience - to ‘be’ - is an amazing gift. You could be null, but instead you are full.

Focusing on experiencing the vast variety of beautiful thoughts, feelings, and actions of our will is our most valuable purpose and meaning.


“Logic & Morality” - Reliable Rationality & Devotion To Mutual Respect

Validity of reasoning and adequate concern for the well-being of others throughout all of our actions is the simplest metric of fundamental success.

“The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family as one.”
- Mahatma Gandhi


Fundamentally, we find that existence is simply a pattern of perception & reaction. You can't control what you will perceive, but you can control how you react - that's simply the human experience. This pattern, perfected, is to perceive function and to react with joy. Co-existing patterns (aka us) require devotion to mutual respect (morality) to perfect joy and reliable rationality (logic) to perfect function.

Logic + Morality = Ethics

Proper, empathetic decision-making and conduct from all people is the only way to foster equitable, functioning futures for all our lives.

Your existential choice is : hype & help or hate & harm

Make your pattern beautiful.

True personal enlightenment comes from a patient ownership of our spiritual equilibrium and reactions. Be continually self-aware and choose wisely!


Emphasizing different philosophies can cultivate an awareness of life’s moral & aesthetic dimensions and emboldens our capacity to articulate and evaluate thoughts clearly & honestly. 

This functional formula is designed as a means to provide a simplistic tool for anxiety control and progressive character development while also redefining the core understanding of daily individual success as a member of a collective.

We must ask ourselves : "Did I give a patient and safe effort towards fair, collective progress? Did I create moments of joy and love?"

If we all aim to positively affirm these couple notions, we are all functionally on track to truly creating a better world.

This collection of hopeful theories was developed through a progressive, rational examination of philosophies and realities of the contemporary human experience. Without hope, humility, intention, and action, there is no progress. Without progress, no evolution - and without evolution, continued existence is brought into question. We all must think positively and do our individual share in creating an equitable, peaceful function for all - choosing not to see life as it is, but as it should be. This shift in accountability and representation is paramount to the contemporary advancement of societies. We must re-instill a basic harmony in the behavior of the people through a revisioned mutual respect and basic function. We must let the following live as ubiquitous, steadfast, moral truths of our basic function as a collective - the future depends on it. Accountability is impossible without a functional baseline for reference and critique. Knowledge and application of our formula’s essential philosophies and simplified humanistic concepts acts as a social contract for us to make rational, collective progress.

Established thinking and entrenched institutions can’t effectively navigate the complexity of the contemporary world. Unity under one organic conception of morality and a baseline ideological function for the human experience is the only way to cut through the vast variance of beliefs. It is imperative that we find a way to embrace our interconnectedness to expand our collective humanity, educating and emboldening each and every one of us - together.

Whether you think life is a spiritual game or just a wild, lucky experience, standardizing these fundamentals would ensure we all live “successful” lives while we’re lucky to perceive and experience time.